A magical visitor

The tooth fairy will hopefully be making her first visit to our house tonight!
Ryan lost his first tooth this morning. He told us a couple of weeks ago that
his two front bottom teeth were loose, and he’s been wiggling them ever since.
This morning while brushing his teeth, one of them came out. The other one is
really loose as well, so it probably won’t be long before it comes out as

Ryan was very excited by this event, and while Nicholas was excited for Ryan,
he was quite upset when we told him that he probably won’t lose any for
another two or three years. In his words, “Why does Ryyyyyyyyan’s tooth fall
out and not meeeeeeeeeeeee?”

When Gail was a kid, only one of her teeth fell out by itself. The rest all had to be extracted, and to this day, Gail is not a big fan of dentists. When Ryan told us his teeth were loose, she was as excited as he was, and she was positively thrilled this morning when it fell out. She’s very glad (as we all are!) that he won’t have to go through the same dental nightmares that Gail did.

Saturday night update: Ryan’s second tooth fell out today! We forgot (!) to put the first tooth under his pillow last night, so he’s got two teeth under his pillow tonight!


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