Harvey Danger rocks

I blogged
before about Harvey Danger and their
free-as-in-beer CD download. I downloaded the album, liked it, and attempted
to buy it, but they charged my credit card without sending my anything. I emailed
them about it and they reversed the charge, so I tried again. Once again, they
charged my credit card but nothing got sent. I emailed them about it today, and
they said that not only would they reverse the second charge, but now they’re
going to send me a free copy of the CD.

So: I paid nothing to download their album. I liked their idea of releasing the
album on the internet (plus I liked the album itself), so I wanted to make sure
that the band actually makes a profit from me. But because I had
trouble buying the CD, I’m getting a free copy. The end result is that the band
will still make no monetary profit from me. How’s that for irony?

The best I can do now is to promote the living hell out of the band, so that’s
what I’m doing here. I will probably buy their other albums as well, but if I
do, it’ll be from amazon.ca, not from their web site!


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