Useless spam

Well, spam is useless anyway, but I seem to be getting a lot of spam recently that has no links, no images, no URLs, nothing. People who send spam, I thought, were generally trying to sell you something – buy my stolen / copied watches, buy my illegal drugs, buy penny stocks (that have already peaked) in my company, check out my porn web site, stuff like that. But if the message contains no way for you to get to their web site, how do they make money off of it?

My family web site has a guest book. Every couple of weeks or so, I get a couple of spam postings, which I promptly delete. This morning I got one from “Bill” (uh-huh) which said (this was the entire text of the message): “Hello, nice site look this:”.

Bill, if you’re reading this blog, I assure you that I really wanted to “look this”, but there was no “this” to “look”. My interest was piqued, and then disappointment washed over me like I was a Senators fan during the playoffs. Most of the people who visit are my family, so in order to spare them that level of despair, I deleted your message. I’m sorry, but I have to do what’s best for my family.


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