A thinly veiled attempt to increase readership

Mmmmmm-kay. I have exactly two lurkers. You’d think that a blog like this
that deals with a fringe sport like lacrosse as well as the day-to-day life of
Joe “2.3-kids-a-minivan-and-a-mortgage” Suburbs would get thousands of hits a day,
but alas, you’d be wrong. Then again, I
don’t care
about reader numbers, do I?

Seems that the real way to attract blog readers is to (a) be famous (nope),
or (b) be an expert in some field and write about that (nope). However, I’ve seen
several blogs about politics, and they always seem to attract the commenters, so
maybe I’ll try that. Note that I don’t really follow politics much, so you might
have to fill in some of the blanks here:

Did you read about what said the other day about
? I just can’t
believe anyone can think that way – those damned s.
Don’t they understand that ? Don’t they remember
? Have we learned
nothing from ?

OK, that’s not working. I guess I’ll stick to writing about stuff that I am
more familiar with, and hopefully my faithful readers will occasionally find it

Item: Nicholas had oatmeal for breakfast this morning. I shit you


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