I have been looking for a Wii for several Wiiks (everyone reading this is thinking “Oh, please don’t start with the Wii jokes, they are Wii-lly annoying”) months now, and have had no luck. I’ve called numerous stores numerous times, and they’re always sold out, and nobody knows when they’re getting any more. The other day, a guy at work, aListair (he always capitalizes the L) emailed me that the EB Games near him had a couple of consoles, and would I like for him to grab me one. Rather than asking where it was and getting off my lazy ass and going there myself, I just said sure and let him do my legwork for me. He went on his way to work, and came by my office yesterday morning with a Wii console. You da man aListair!

I set it up last night (no internet yet, maybe this weekend), and played a few games after the kids went to bed (by the time I got it set up, it was bedtime; it’s not like I waited until they were in bed). I bought Wii Play on the way home, which is $59, but comes with a free controller! Well, it turns out that a more accurate description would be that it’s a $49 controller that comes with a $10 game. The game itself is pretty good for practicing using the remote, but not much else. Wii Sports is much better — it turns out that I’m a bowling expert. Who knew? I figured out quickly that because of the way I throw it, the ball always spins to the left, so I managed to compensate for that, and did pretty well. I didn’t manage to figure out why it goes to the left in the first place, but as long as you can compensate for it, it doesn’t much matter. Hey, that’s the same as my golf game!

We also rented some games from Blockbuster — Cars and Super Paper Mario. I never managed to figure Cars out, but I thought about it later, and I think you have to turn the remote sideways. I looked at Super Paper Mario as well, but the opening sequence (telling you the story) is, as aListair put it “very very very very very very verbose”, so after a while I just went back to Wii Sports.

This morning, I read an article on how the Wii shortage “could last months”. Thanks again aListair!


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