Who would have thought… it figures

Alanis Morissette has a song called “Ironic”, in which she sings about a bunch
of supposed examples of irony: “rain on your wedding day”, “a black fly in your
Chardonnay”, “a death row pardon two minutes too late”, “ten thousand spoons
when all you need is a knife”, the story of a man afraid to fly who finally gets
on a plane that ends up crashing, etc. The funny thing is that none
of the things she sings about are actually examples of irony. Rain on your wedding
day isn’t ironic, it’s just a drag. Ten thousand spoons when all you need is a
knife might be ironic if you’re a knife salesman, but otherwise it’s not. The bit
about the plane crash might be ironic if the man is travelling to a visit a
doctor or therapist who is going to help him get over his phobia.

So we have a song entitled “Ironic”, which contains no examples of irony.
That’s pretty ironic. Don’t you think?


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