On-the-job training shouldn’t last four years

The Leafs have announced that they are looking at hiring a “mentor” for GM John Ferguson Jr. The position would be “senior hockey administrator”, and would only last a few years. Ferguson would still be the GM and would still make the decisions. Richard Peddie says that “John is still a very young man in a tough hockey market… and it occurred to us that John could use some help.” He also says “John is still learning the job, and even though we have made some progress, we haven’t made enough…”

This is ridiculous. How is Ferguson “still learning the job” after four years? They call him a “young man”, and considering he’s only 40, that’s true. But Bryan Colangelo is only 42, and he’s president and GM of the Raptors, with no mentor. He has MLSE’s full support and full authority over the team. And what progress have the Leafs made during JFJ’s reign? They made the playoffs in his first year as GM, then there was the lockout, then they haven’t made the playoffs in the last two seasons. If after four years, they think he still needs help and is still learning the job, then why is he still in the job? Why don’t they just fire his ass, and hire someone competent? Or, if they’re really determined to have him as the GM at some point, then hire a real GM (who does know the job), and make Ferguson his assistant GM for a few years, or as long as it takes for him to learn how to run a team.


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