Concerts I’ve seen

Here is a list of bands I have seen live. A number in brackets indicates
the number of times I’ve seen that band. They are listed in the order in which
I remembered them while making the list, not the order in which they occurred.

The Captain and Tennille CNE Grandstand – hey, I was only
Rush (3) All Maple Leaf Gardens, I think
Triumph (3) MLG twice, and their last-ever show at Kingswood
the day before Rik Emmett left the band
Rik Emmett Opened for Kim Mitchell at the CNE
Kim Mitchell (2) CNE and the Village Green at U of Waterloo
during frosh week
Bob Seger MLG
Bruce Springsteen CNE
The Eagles CNE
Don Henley Kingswood
Honeymoon Suite (6) Kingswood a couple of times, Ontario Place
forum, The Diamond.
Whitesnake CNE
Iron Maiden MLG?
Anthrax MLG? Opened for Maiden
Bruce Dickinson Rock ‘n Roll Heaven
Metallica (2) Copps Colliseum and Olympic Stadium in
Montreal. In Montreal, they played for about an hour before James Hetfield got
burned by some pyrotechnics (during Fade To Black, ironically), and they had to
cut the show short to take him to the hospital. See Guns ‘n Roses below – this
was the same show.
Faith No More Olympic Stadium – opened for Metallica and
Guns ‘n Roses Olympic Stadium – left the stage after 45 minutes,
causing a riot. Gail and I didn’t notice, because we had left 20 minutes before
that to go see Blue Rodeo, who were playing a free show down the street.
Blue Rodeo (3) A bar in Montreal, The Diamond, and the Village Green at U of W
Corrosion of Conformity Opened for Metallica at Copps
Voivod Opened for Rush at MLG. They sucked.
Saga MLG
Styx CNE
Heart Kingswood
Haywire Kingswood
The Rolling Stones CNE
The Who CNE – Very disappointed. No band that was that popular,
with that much material, that has been around for 30+ years should be allowed to
play a 90-minute show. The Stones played over 3 hours.
Paul McCartney SkyDome – fantastic show
Red Rider Opening for Rush at MLG
Tom Cochrane (2) Some place in Ottawa (New Years Eve 1992), and
The Twist in Waterloo
Chalk Circle The Twist
Ray Lyell and the Storm The Twist
The Tragically Hip Fed Hall (!) at U of Waterloo
Jeff Healey Fed Hall
Bryan Adams Molson Park
Sass Jordan Molson Park
The Steve Miller Band Molson Park
Moxy Fruvous Molson Park
Extreme Molson Park
Barenaked Ladies Kingswood
Def Leppard CNE
The Wallflowers ACC, opening for John Mellencamp
John Mellencamp (3) CNE, Molson Amphitheater (when Gail was
8 months pregnant), and ACC. The one at the CNE was probably the loudest concert
I’ve even been to.
Crowded House Bumbershoot Festival in Seattle
The Posies Bumbershoot – opened for Crowded House
Van Halen CNE, but sadly, never with David Lee Roth
Aldo Nova MLG, opened for Saga
Prism Entex
Sheryl Crow CNE, opened for the Eagles
BTO CNE, opened for Van Halen

Update: Added third Blue Rodeo show, Moxy Fruvous, and Extreme – thanks Fais! Also remembered Barenaked Ladies and Aldo Nova

Update: Added Prism

Update: Added Sheryl Crow

Update: Added BTO opening for Van Halen. There was a third band on the bill, but I can’t remember who it was.


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