Ryan the math whiz

Ryan seems to be turning out to be quite the little mathie, just like mommy and daddy. The other day he got in trouble at school for throwing his shoe or something like that, and he and another boy (grade 3 – Ryan’s in grade 1) were told by the teacher on duty to stand against the wall and count to 100 before they could go play again. Ryan decided to count by 5’s rather then 1’s, and had left the wall long before the other kid had. Not what the teacher meant, to be sure, but hey, she didn’t specify!

Then this morning he was putting together an alphabet puzzle he has – each letter other than A and Z has 2 puzzle pieces, and A and Z have one each. He noticed that the box said ’50 piece puzzle’, and came to me and said ‘daddy, 26 plus 24 equals 50’. I asked him how he figured that out, and he told me that he knew that there were 26 letters in the alphabet, but that only 24 of them had 2 pieces in the puzzle, and since there are 50 pieces in the puzzle, 26+24 must be 50.

It ain’t rocket science, but he’s only 6 1/2, so I think (totally unbiased proud poppa) he’s doing very well.

On the work front, ASA finally got its Common Criteria certification today. This has been in the works for over three years, and I’ve been the engineering point person for the project. I’ve referred to it as “The project that wouldn’t die”, but I guess it’s now officially dead! As long as we don’t decide to do the whole thing again for Jasper

P.S. A very happy birthday to my wonderful wife Gail, who turns today!


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