Land of lakes

Canada has more lakes than the rest of the world combined. As far as I know, each and every one of these lakes has a name and naming so many lakes is bound to result in some pretty interesting ones. On our trip north this past summer, we drove a long way and passed a lot of lakes. Here are some of the more interesting names.

  • We passed Baby Lake, right across the highway from Mom Lake. About a kilometer up the road, we found Dad Lake.
  • Desolation Lake, right next to Lonely Lake. Sounds like a delightful place for a cottage, doesn’t it?
  • Tons of lakes named for people: Cathy’s Lake, Jason Lake, Sammy’s Lake, etc.
  • Near the town of Rossport is Little Lake. Little Lake? That’s the best you could come up with? Though perhaps it’s named after Mr. Little.
  • The most original goes to Parkinson’s Pothole
  • According to Google Maps, near Terrace Bay we have Lake A and Lake B
  • About 25 km east of Terrace Bay, there’s Echo Lake. This is the same name as the lake my parents’ cottage is on, a little over 1000 km to the south east (near Bracebridge). About 30 km further east of the first Echo Lake, there’s another Echo Lake.
  • On either side of Marathon there are Two Finger Lake and Three Finger Lake
  • Near Wawa, we have Rod and Gun Lake
  • It’s not a lake, but there’s Old Woman Bay (and nearby Old Woman River)
  • Not far from Old Woman Bay is Rabbit Blanket Lake
  • South of there is Dead Otter Lake
  • South of Agawa Bay were Beta Lake and Gamma Lake. Alpha Lake is nearby but not on the highway.
  • There’s a town we didn’t go to called Eliot Lake (which is near a lake called Eliot Lake), but that’s not that exciting a name. Near there, however, is Crotch Lake. This sounds to me like a place you don’t want to go swimming.

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