Status update

CD ripping status: I’m just over halfway through the alphabet now — just finished the M’s (Malibu Stacey, Marillion, Matchbox Twenty, Max Webster, Megadeth, Sue Medley, Metallica, Midnight Oil, Steve Miller Band, Mr. Big, Kim Mitchell, Molly Hatchet, The Moody Blues, Alanis Morrisette, Mötley Crüe, Alannah Myles). iTunes tells me that I have 16 genres, 153 artists, 391 albums, 4640 songs, 14 days, and 25.10 GB on my iPod. (Note that one double album counts as two, so it’s not really 391 albums, but 391 actual discs. I also have a couple of episodes of Battlestar Galactica from last season that I have not yet watched on there. Interesting facts about the CDs I’ve burned so far:

  • I have more songs by Billy’s (Dean, Idol, Squire, Talent) than David’s (Gilmour, Usher)
  • I have fourteen Led Zeppelin albums (including Physical Graffiti as two and the box set as four)
  • I have eleven John (Cougar) Mellencamp albums, all single albums. I never would have guessed there were so many, and I don’t even have them all.
  • I have an album by Helix? One by Heart? Two by Haywire? Four (including a double live CD) by AC/DC? I bet I haven’t listened to any of these in fifteen years.
  • There are at least four genres of which I have exactly one album:
    • jazz — Kamikiriad by Donald Fagan (lead singer for Steely Dan). Never really though of it as jazz, but I suppose that fits as well as any other category. I guess Steely Dan was kind of jazzy too, so once I get to the S’s we’ll see what they are.
    • punk — Dookie by Green Day. No argument there.
    • folk — by a PEI singer named Patricia Murray. I think it’s entirely sung in Gaelic. Someone gave it to me as a gift, I guess figuring that I’m of Scottish descent and my name is Gaelic (Graeme means “of the gray house”), so I must speak Gaelic.
    • world — the debut album by Leahy. More Celtic music from Canada’s east coast. (Update: they’re actually from Ontario) A whole family of fiddle players, piano players, guitar players, and singers. I saw two of them play live once, and one of the fiddle players, Donnell Leahy, was just incredible.
  • Nirvana’s Nevermind album, which spawned the whole grunge scene in the early 90’s and is not only a classic in the grunge genre but was basically the first real grunge album, is categorized not as grunge but as rock.

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