Ripping complete!

I finished ripping my CDs today. The final total: 14 genres, 210 artists, 572 albums, 6903 songs, 20.8 days, 41.72 GB. The genres break down like this:

  • Alternative & Punk: 22 artists, 61 albums
  • Blues: 12 artists, 18 albums
  • Country: 6 artists, 17 albums (8 of which are Blue Rodeo)
  • Folk: 1 artist, 1 album (Patricia Murray, mentioned before)
  • Grunge: 3 artists, 5 albums (Nirvana, Silverchair, Soundgarden)
  • Holiday: 3 artists, 7 albums
  • Jazz: 2 artists, 2 albums (Donald Fagan and Harry Connick, Jr.)
  • Metal: 15 artists, 53 albums
  • Pop: 19 artists, 43 albums
  • Progressive Rock: 2 artists, 5 albums (Liquid Tension Experiment and Saga)
  • Punk Rock: 2 artists, 3 albums (Green Day and the Offspring)
  • Rock: 133 artists, 345 albums
  • Soundtrack: 5 artists, 18 albums
  • World: 1 artist, 1 album (Leahy, also mentioned in the above-linked post)

The ripping of all the CDs came with a cost (excluding time) — my old CD-ROM drive (and DVD writer) decided that this was simply too much for it to handle, and gave up the ghost on Friday. A few times last week, it occasionally stopped recognizing disks until I ejected them and put them back in a couple of times, until on Friday, it finally wouldn’t recognize any disks at all. Didn’t give me any errors, just didn’t recognize that there was any media in the drive. I went out to Factory Direct on Saturday and bought a new DVD writer for $50, installed it in two minutes, and was ripping again. Even better, the new drive is faster than the old one, and recognizes DVDs that the old one had trouble with.


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