You know today I was only asked one question, and one question only, you know what that was?
“Do you want the super size?”
You know, come to think of it, I want the whole fuckin’ world super-sized.
Super-sized guns
Super-sized planes
Super-sized satellites — think about how many more channels you could get with super-sized satellites
Super-sized sales — how do you super-size a sale?
How ’bout we super-size third-world debt relief?
Super-size love
Super-size honesty
Super-size government — come to think of it, actually nah, let’s not super-size the government
I’d like to super-size death
“Can I have a super-size of death?”
“I’d like a super-size of death with a Coke”

Let’s super-size this song
Really, that’s the goal, isn’t it?
If we can super-size the record, we’ll sell more records
It’s a super-sized record
That is after all, our ambition

Ambition, ambition’s a tricky thing
It’s like riding a unicycle over a dental-floss tightrope over a wilderness of razor blades
Ambition can backfire
Ambition means more, ambition means faster, ambition means better
What if you could super — can you super-size ambition?
Does it make you ambitious if you super-size ambition?
Around here, our ambition hurts more than it helps
Around here, our ambition throws a non-perishable item in the donation bin at Christmas, and then pats itself on the fuckin’ back because it thinks it’s done something decent
Yeah, we’re super-sizing ambition, make no mistake about it
Ambition will televise the revolution
And it’ll sell more fuckin’ commercial spots than the Super Bowl, the Olympics, the World Series, and the tragedy-du-jour combined
We’re super-sizing, we’re super-sizing the record
‘Cause we’re ambitious

Matthew Good
“Twenty-first Century Living”

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