A fun weekend, and baseball’s over

I’m sitting in the family room watching game 4 of the World Series; lovin’ that wireless internet. We had a bit of a busy weekend; Gail and Nicholas were at a Beaver camp on Saturday, so Ryan and I had a day to ourselves. We checked out the brand new Canadian Tire store that just opened in Waterdown; that’ll take some getting used to. It’s not set up like other Canadian Tire stores, all the car stuff is to the right while everything else is off to the left, and there’s a big Mark’s Work Wearhouse right in the middle of the store. I was kind of expecting one of those huge “superstores”, like the one in Waterloo, but it’s not nearly that big. Anyway, we bought Ryan and me each a new pair of skates and I got some new windshield wipers for the car. We then started painting a bookshelf that I’ve been building for Nicholas for about three years. Just before we started that, I got a big ego boost when a friend of Ryan’s from down the street came to ask if Ryan wanted to come out and play. I told him it was entirely up to him and after thinking for a minute, he told the kid that he was going to stay in and paint with me.

After painting we had lunch, then went grocery shopping, played on the Wii for a while, played some game that Ryan learned at school called “fumble”, which involved throwing a tennis ball against a wall, and then went out for dinner. After dinner, we came back and I continued reading Harry Potter to him (we’re into Goblet of Fire now) until bedtime. We had an amazing day.

Today, the boys had swimming lessons in the morning, then we all went out to Dyment’s Farm, where we froze had lots of fun. The boys played in an inflatable train, a big ball pit, a straw fort, and on a trike track (though Ryan was a little too big for the trikes), we went on a wagon ride around the farm and right along the edge of the Niagara Escarpment, and enjoyed a nice lunch of very expensive hamburgers, a hot dog for Nicky, and some really good fries. All in all, we had a good time, though it was pretty expensive. It cost about $25 for all of us to get in, and lunch was pretty pricey as well (three burgers and a large fries was $17.50, and a small cup of apple cider was $1.50). The pumpkins were only $2 each, and were pretty small, though we’ve been told that because of the dry summer we had, the pumpkins are small everywhere this year. We usually go to Parkside Farms in Waterdown each year for our pumpkins, but decided to give Dyment’s a try this year. Parkside is smaller, but just as much fun, no entrance fee, and cheaper food, so I think we’ll be heading back there next year.

I have a presentation to give on security in SQL Anywhere tomorrow morning, so I should probably not stay up too late. However, the Red Sox are an inning away from winning their second World Series in four years (and as one of the commentators said, also its second World Series in eighty-nine years), so I think I’ll stay up just a little longer and watch the end of baseball for another year. Despite the fact that they’re in the same division as the Jays, the Red Sox have become my second favourite baseball team. I think that happened when they came back from three games down to beat the hated Yankees in the ALCS three years ago. I also spent a lot of time in Boston during my three-year stint at my previous company, so that’s probably part of it as well. Plus, you can’t help but like David Ortiz. Manny Ramirez, not so much, but hey.

I’d like to write some stuff about the NLL season being cancelled (bad) and then reinstated (good), but I’m too tired tonight.


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