Why Shaquille or LeBron could become Raptors

Take a look at the Raptors lineup. Not a lot of typical North American names on there: Bargnani, Nesterovic, Calderon, Garbajosa, Brezec, Kapono, Delfino. Moon and Baston are not too bad, but with first names like Jamario and Maceo, they fit in as well. Even Darrick Martin’s first name is spelled weird. This must have been why Fred Jones was traded, and I guess even Juan Dixon wasn’t “ethnic” enough.

The only players left are Chris Bosh, T.J. Ford, Anthony Parker, Kris Humphries, and Joey Graham. Look for one of these guys to be traded to Indiana for Ike Diogu, or maybe to Chicago for Andres Nocioni and Thabo Sefolosha. The rule for the Raptors: If we can’t pronounce your name, we want you on our team.


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