The most overrated rock artists

1. The Ramones. I simply do not understand the fascination with this band. Sure, Blitzkrieg Bop is a decent song, but that’s about it. The singer has a lousy voice, and all of their songs sound the same. People seem all excited about the fact that they only know three chords and aren’t great musicians, and this somehow makes them one of the classic American bands. I don’t see why. There are other punk bands who are actually decent musicians, and there are thousands of other bands out there that have no musical talent. What makes the Ramones different from them?

2. Queen. I like Queen. They’re good musicians, they have some great songs (Bohemian Rhapsody is a true classic), and I like the Greatest Hits album that I have. But I’ve listened to many of their other albums as well, and the songs that aren’t the hits (and even a few that are) just aren’t that good. Freddie Mercury was a great singer; in fact thinking about it now, he might be one of the best rock singers ever. Brian May is a very good guitar player, but there are better guitarists out there. Overall, Queen was a very good band, no question. But in 2007, a BBC poll declared them to be “the best British band of all time”, ahead of the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, and Led Zeppelin. This is ridiculous.

3. Radiohead. I’ve heard them described as the best band in the world right now. Again, I just don’t get it. “OK Computer” is supposed to be their best album and according to Wikipedia, “a landmark album of its time”. Rolling Stone and Time magazines both listed it among their greatest albums of all time — Spin magazine says it’s the number one album of the past 20 years. I listened to it a few years ago and just found it boring. Maybe it’s one of those albums that you hate when you first hear it but grow on you after a while, so perhaps I’ll give it another listen.

4. Rod Stewart. Sang a couple of decent songs in the 70’s, but ehhh.

5. Aerosmith. Tyler is a decent singer with a unique voice. The rest of the band are good musicians. They’ve got some good songs but as with Queen, I find that the non-hits are just filler. I got kind of tired of them in the 90’s when they did a bunch of “power-ballads”, culminating in the completely awful “I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing”. And listening to someone as ugly as Steven Tyler singing about sex as often as he does is just creepy.


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