More great pitching, more sucky hitting

All season long, the Jays have pitched well, but just can’t get any hits. Halladay and Burnett have 16 wins each. Shaun Marcum was sent down to Syracuse recently, supposedly to work through his control issues. They decided to send him down because the Jays “couldn’t afford” to keep him in the rotation if they want to make the post season. This is silly — the Jays have so little hope of getting to the postseason this season that this move really makes no sense. Dustin McGowan wasn’t having a great season before getting injured, and what happens? Two more pitchers step up, just as McGowan and Marcum did last year. Jesse Litch is 9-7 with an ERA around 4.00, and tonight David Purcey pitched a complete game 5-hitter and struck out 11, and lost 1-0. Absolutely brutal.

I really hope that the Jays hitters do some serious batting practice during the off-season, cause this is ridiculous.


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