A couple of trades

First: Former NLL Goalie of the Year Anthony Cosmo was traded from San Jose to Chicago for Matt Roik and a couple of draft picks. I originally thought that this was a strange trade for San Jose to make, since Cosmo is a much better goalie than Roik. But it’s not as if Roik isn’t any good at all, and San Jose now has two of the top three picks in this years draft, which is apparently quite deep, so this could turn out to be a good deal for San Jose. Chicago improved quite a lot at the trade deadline last year, and now having Cosmo between the pipes, they might pull a Minnesota and start contending earlier than anyone thought. It will be nice to see Cosmo play in Toronto again, since he hasn’t played here since The Trade.

Second: The Jays traded Matt Stairs to the Phillies on the weekend. I guess the theory is that the Jays are out of it and Stairs is 40, so (a) having him this year won’t make any difference, and (b) he’s too old to be of much value next year. Part (a) is right, but part (b) is hogwash. That’s what a number of other teams thought before last year, and he’s played two outstanding years with the Jays. He’s also a fan favourite and a good Canadian boy, so I don’t really understand this move. Ricciardi has made some pretty good moves this year (the Rolen for Glaus trade was good, and Marco Scutaro has been awesome), but this is the second of two that I don’t agree with.


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