The Teat Crutch

Here is a link to an anagram server, where you enter some phrase and it will give you English anagrams for that phrase. I tried my name and got some good ones:

  • Wee programer (OK, programmer is spelled wrong)
  • Pregame rower
  • Eager rep worm
  • Grow ’em, reaper
  • Re: Power gamer
  • Ram ewe groper

Then I tried “Cut The Chatter” and got these:

  • Chat the cutter (natch)
  • Cut the ratchet
  • Hatchet cutter
  • The teat crutch
  • That cute retch

My favourite anagram of all time (I remember seeing Johnny Carson interviewing Dick Cavett a zillion years ago; they were talking about anagrams and mentioned this one): Spiro Agnew → Grow a penis


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