The NLL season is on…

…and the Rock are tied for first overall! And that’s after the game! A few thoughts about the game:

  • Great that we could watch it for free through!
  • The video quality wasn’t any worse than the $7 B2 games from last year, I didn’t think. Not bad in a small window, but not really watchable full-screen for any length of time.
  • Nice to see the Rock offense spread around — hat-tricks by Manning, Biernes, Wiles, and Ratcliffe. McGlone’s goal was very nice, and Manning’s seeing-eye goal to win it was nice too. Crosbie with 6 assists, Ratcliffe with 5, Wiles with 4.
  • No Craig Conn. No big surprise.
  • More of a surprise: no Ryan Benesch. He was benched at the end of last year, but Mike Kloepfer said during the off-season that there’s no problem with Benesch and that he’s a big part of the Rock’s future. Then he doesn’t play the opener. An upcoming trade, perhaps?

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