Solving the wrong problem

In order to renew my license plate sticker, I needed to get a Drive Clean test. The car in question is a 2004 Sunfire, which I bought brand new in July of 2004 and now has about 152,000 km on it. Here are the results:

ASM 2525*
Test Limit Reading
HC ppm 66 6
CO % 0.37 0.00
NO ppm 505 0

Curb Idle
Test Limit Reading
HC ppm 150 5
CO % 0.70 0.00

* – whatever that means

If these numbers were ten times worse than they are, my car still would have passed the test. And yet thousands of busses and trucks that spew out vast quantities of thick black smoke (and travel more kilometers in a day than I do in a week, even with my 165 km/day commute) don’t need this test. I wrote about this once before, and unfortunately, the questions raised in that post remain unanswered.


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