Prime parking spot

The boys are going to a camp at Hillfield-Strathallan College in Hamilton this week (and next), and I dropped them off the other morning. They went to this camp last year as well, but I couldn’t remember exactly where to drop them off. Gail had done it the previous couple of days, so I asked Ryan to direct me to where we needed to go. Here’s how the conversation went:

Me: Where do I need to park?
Ryan: Right here is good.
Me: Like right here?
Ryan: Yup.
Me: OK.

We got out of the car and start walking towards the building.

Me: What door do we go in?
Ryan: See that door way down there?
Me: Yeah…
Ryan: Right after that, around the corner, is the door we go in.
Me: You mean right next to all those empty parking spots?
Ryan: Yup.


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