iPod Meme Redux

I originally did this a few months after getting my iPod. Revisiting two years later. Old values that have changed are stroked out. Shortest and longest songs, and first and last artist and album have not changed. I’ve added over 850 new songs.

Attention facebook readers: You might want to click the “View original post” link at the bottom of this note to see it as I originally wrote it. Facebook sometimes messes up the formatting.


How many total songs?
6919 songs, 20.9 days, 41.79 GB
7773 songs, 23.4 days, 46.55 GB

Sort by song title – first and last
First: A by Barenaked Ladies
Last: 99% Of Us Is Failure by Matthew Good
Last: 999,999 by Nine Inch Nails

Sort by time – shortest and longest
Shortest: You to Me (0:04) by Bystander
Longest: Octavarium (24:00) by Dream Theater

Sort by Album – first and last
First: “Abacab” by Genesis
Last: “90125” by Yes

Sort by Artist – first and last
First: AC/DC
Last: 54-40

Top five played songs:
1. Fake It by Seether – 18
2. Be Yourself by Audioslave – 17
3. Found Out About You by Gin Blossoms – 13
T4. Like A Stone by Audioslave – 12
T4. White Shadows by Coldplay – 12
T4. High Class in Borrowed Shoes by Max Webster – 12
T4. Elderly Woman Behind The Counter in a Small Town by Pearl Jam – 12
T4. Emotional Rescue by The Rolling Stones – 12

Find the following words. How many songs show up?
Sex: 6 21
Death: 4 59
Love: 239 327
You: 535 822
Home: 42 48
Boy: 34 56
Girl: 60 80

First five songs that come up on Party Shuffle
1. Cesaro Summability by Tool
2. White, Clean and Neat by Robert Plant
3. Local Hero by Bruce Springsteen
4. Resist [Live] by Rush
5. Gimme The Love by Junkhouse

It looks like I’ve added a lot of “death” songs, but most of them are actually album names – “Death Magnetic”, “Live After Death”, “Life, Death, Love, and Freedom” (and the corresponding live album “Life, Death, LIVE, and Freedom”) , and “Viva La Vida or Death And All Of His Friends”. There are only 6 actual songs with “death” in the title.

Similarly, 15 of the 21 “sex” songs are on “Blood Sugar Sex Magik” by the Red Hot Chili Peppers and don’t have “sex” in the song title. There are only 6 songs with “sex” in the title, and two of them are “Sexy Sadie” by the Beatles (on different albums). I guess I’m just not that into sex. No wait, what I mean is… it’s not that… um….


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