I’m a star!

Thanks to my work on attempting to get CC certification for ASA, I was given an “iAnywhere Solutions Star Performer” award yesterday. I got a plastic star “trophy” thing (which actually looks cooler than it sounds), as well as a nice monetary bonus. Once we get this certification (should be later this month), it will allow us to sell ASA to various sectors within the US government, which requires this level of certification before they are allowed to purchase any software product. John yesterday congratulated me on my award and called me “a god among men”, which I think might be a bit of a stretch, but it is certainly nice to have my efforts recognized.

On an unrelated note, the sports headlines yesterday read “Barry Bonds Steroid Shocker”. Two guys in the know wrote a book stating that Barry Bonds used lots of steroids over the last few years. Question: “shocker”? Is anyone actually shocked?

Update: Fixed the CC link. Thanks Daniel!


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