Wil Wheaton Dot Net

Wil Wheaton* has one of the most widely-read blogs on the ‘net. I’ve been reading it for about a year and a half – I started reading it because I’m a huge Star Trek: The Next Generation fan, and of course Wil played Wesley Crusher on that show for 5 years. After a while, however, I came to realize that he’s a damn good writer, and now I read his blog because I enjoy what he writes, and the Star Trek angle is secondary, especially since he doesn’t write about Star Trek all that often.

* – Wil’s site was wilwheaton.net, but he started having problems with that site last fall, and so he temporarily moved his blog over to Typepad. Six months later, he’s still on Typepad, but I think he plans on fixing up his own site and re-launching it sometime soon.

Recently he started podcasting – basically recording himself talking rather than just typing stuff, and then releasing the recording as episodes of “Radio Free Burrito”. People started sending him questions that he would answer on his podcasts, and I sent him one asking about his least favourite episodes of ST:TNG. Today, he answered my question – a couple of episodes during the first season called Angel One and Code of Honor, which were, indeed, quite bad. He also mentioned a particular conversation that Wesley had with Tasha Yar talking about drugs, and how embarassing the lines were to say. Wesley asked Tasha why people did drugs, and Tasha told him it made them feel good. Wesley said that it was artificial, Tasha says that it doesn’t feel artificial at the time, and Wesley says he still doesn’t understand, to which Tasha replies “Wesley, I hope you never do”. I wondered how Wil felt about that conversation – it was a very thinly-disguised attempt at a public service announcement. Luckily, they stopped short of having the characters turn directly to the camera and say “Kids! Don’t do drugs! And stay in school!”, but it wasn’t far short.

Anyway, it was cool to have some famous person say my name (and not even mispronounce it!). Last year, I got on the radio, and now this. My big break is coming soon, I just know it…


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