What led you to me?

Here are some actual searches that led people to my blog from September to December 2010. 

Attention Facebook readers: You might want to click the “View Original Post” link at the bottom of this note. Facebook sometimes messes up the formatting.

  • “toop ten 2010 fucking girls an sking” – I have no idea how this led to my blog. I even tried doing the same search and my blog didn’t show up in the results. I messed around with this search string to try and make my blog appear in the results – including adding “cut the chatter” to it – but I couldn’t.
  • “garth brooks bmw truck opera subsidize”
  • These three were all on the same day. Not sure if it was the same guy who kept forgetting the answer or three different people, but I have not seen criteria like this on any other day.
    • “my middle name is earl song lyrics”
    • “my middle name is earl lyrics to song”
    • “what song miidle name is earl”
  • Someone found my blog through a search from http://www.google.com.ar. This must be Google’s search engine for pirates.
  • “my face has sunken”
  • “i have been sent home with a t-tube coming out of my tummy what is this”
  • “boys on pool table doing the macarena” as well as “macarena boys dancing pool table”
  • “procedure for placing drain tube in buttock cheek ct guided”
  • “should you call ambulance when acute pancreatitis attack” – on the assumption that you don’t want to die, I’d say yes
  • “do they have to cut my stomach to tie my tubes”
  • “is wayne gretzky circumcised” – I wrote an article on circumcision several years ago and ever since, I’ve seen a number of searches hit my blog asking about the… um… status of celebrities including Wayne Gretzky, Eric Lindros, Charlie Sheen, Clay Buchholz, and others. I don’t know why this information would be of value to anyone and honestly, I don’t want to know why someone thinks it might be.

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