Star Wars Episode VII: Shut up and take my money

As my faithful readers may already know, I am a big Star Wars fan. In fact, the name of this blog is a quote from Star Wars; as the X-Wing fighters are approaching the Death Star, Luke’s friend Wedge (callsign: Red Two) says “Look at the size of that thing!” (meaning the Death Star) to which one of the leaders responds “Cut the chatter, red two!”

Given that, it may be surprising that it’s taken me this long to post something on the recent big news of Disney’s acquisition of LucasFilm, and the even bigger news of a new Star Wars movie on the horizon. No plot descriptions have been given, and I imagine the writing is still in its very early stages. But they do have a writer and producers, and now they’re talking about who’s going to direct it. While I don’t have any suggestions on who should be in it, who should direct it, or what it should be about, I do have a few requests:

  1. New main characters. If they want to bring Luke, Leia, Han Solo, and the gang back for the odd cameo or at the beginning to pass the torch, fine. But everyone is thirty years older than they were in Return of the Jedi. Hell, Mark Hamill was never that great an actor to begin with. I’m sure Harrison Ford could still pull it off, but do we really want a 70-year-old Han Solo as the star of the movie? So we need new characters. That said, making it about Luke’s kids and Han and Leia’s kids would be just too easy. If you want their kids in it as part of an ensemble cast, fine, but it can’t be just them.
  2. No Darth Vader. As awesome a character as he was, Vader died and was redeemed at the end of Return of the Jedi. His story is over. Move on.
  3. Disney should hire a bunch of people over the next 6-12 months and then announce the director and major cast members at a single press conference. Then they should shut the hell up about the movie until it’s close to ready. Don’t scatter press conferences every few months for the next three years, and definitely not for the non-major players – we don’t need a huge event to announce who the second unit assistant stunt coordinator will be. Don’t have a production blog where notes and pictures from the filming and post-production are posted daily – save all stuff that for the Special Edition Blu-Ray release. Super-die-hard fans like myself may like stuff like that, but there’s a limit to even the most ardent fan’s interest level. And don’t forget that for the majority of people, this will be just another movie. If there is constant news about this movie for two years before it’s released, people will get sick of hearing about it. And if they’re sick of hearing about it, they won’t go see it.

A small part of me doesn’t even want this movie made. The first six movies were the story of Anakin Skywalker (not Luke as we might have thought after the first three), and as I said that story line was concluded with Episode VI. So Episode VII will have to be an entirely new story line that happens to be set in the same galaxy far far away. I’m not sure that’s necessary.

Of course, the rest of me is giddy with anticipation. Gail and I were both huge Star Wars fans as children, and we saw each of Episodes I, II, and III on their opening days. Gail was 5 months pregnant for Episode I and 9 months pregnant for Episode II (Nicky was born less than 2 weeks later). I can’t guarantee we’ll be there opening day in 2015, but it won’t be long after – and assuming it’s in mid-May like the other six movies, we’ll likely have our fifteen-year-old and almost-thirteen-year-old Padawans with us.


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