Guest post from both Nicky and Shadow

For several months now, I’ve had an idea sitting in my list of “blog post ideas”. The idea was a “guest post” written by my cat Shadow, where I would write about his life with us from his own point of view. I thought this would be fun but I never got around to actually writing it.

Then last week, Nicky said that he had a project to do for school where he had to write a short story from an unusual point of view. There were some suggestions given:

  • Tell a story about yourself but in the third-person. Graeme hates this kind of stuff. It really bugs him.
  • Pretend you told a story about yourself to a friend. Tell the story as the friend who’s now re-telling it to someone else.
  • Tell a story from the point of view of an animal or an inanimate object which is involved in the story.
  • etc.

Nicky said he was having trouble coming up with ideas, and so we brainstormed for a while. I mentioned telling a story from Shadow’s point of view, and he immediately thought of telling the story of how we found him. Nicky ran with it. He talked about how we found him and he spent most of the day in my sister’s garage, how they took him to the vet to see if he was microchipped, how we brought him home, and even how we took him to our vet to get him microchipped, though he left out the part about being neutered. That’s probably for the best.

Anyway I thought Nicky did such a good job on the story, I’m reposting it here. He even gave me his permission:

I, Nicky Perrow, give my formal consent to my daddy, Graeme Perrow, to use this story in his Blogs, Facebooks, Tweets, Etc. as much as he may wish.

For posterity, Nicky is 12 and in grade seven.

How I found my cat, Shadow

I was walking around outside for a while, freezing my tail off, when I saw a red van pull up and some friendly-­looking people stepped out. “Salvation!” I purred loudly. I started to wrap myself around their legs and purring as heavily as I could. Soon they were petting me and one even picked me up! Then they put me down and walked away, “MEOW!” I cried. They turned around and gestured for me to follow so I did and I trailed behind them until we got to a door, the door opened and we went inside. It was massive! Some older friendly people came and started petting me. After that, we went down some stairs to a cold room. Not as cold as outside but still a bit chilly. I was left there with one of the smaller friendly people petting me and playing with me. After a while, the other nice people came back with a bed, food, water, and a strange light that is very bright but when I got close to it then I got all warm and fuzzy. Then everyone left and I realized how hungry I was so I started munching away at the food that they had brought me. Then I lay down in the bed and fell asleep right away.

When I woke up, I ate a little bit but my breakfast was interrupted by the older people coming and putting me in a small box with a nice little cloth. Then they started swinging me around! Who did they think they were?! All of a sudden I was in a big vibrating thing. It looked a lot like the red van from earlier but it was black. Birds and trees were racing past me, but then it all stopped. I was taken into a room and let out. A man walked up and waved a small box over me, nothing happened. Next thing I knew, I was zipping by the birds and trees again! Once we got back in the door, I saw the people from the red van! Then they put me in a more comfortable box with a fluffy towel! I was in there for a very long time. I even had a little nap! I awoke to my box being carried through a door into a house that was even more massive than the one before! They let me out and I explored a bit. After a long time I went back into the box and into the red van. I decided to have a bath but it was cut short by me getting carried into another room where I got poked. It hurt a lot! Then a small box was waved over where I got poked, it looked similar to the one that did nothing so I wasn’t worried but just then it beeped loudly causing me to jump back. After that, I went back into the van. I went home.

The people take good care of me and it’s a lot better that living on the street! I’ve been here ever since.

by Nicky Perrow

Nicky And Shadow


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