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Golf tournament

I played in the Deiter’s Love
Memorial Golf Tournament this past weekend in Strathroy (west of London). I
played in it last
as well, and also designed and built the website. The tournament is
in memory of Deiter Rombouts, who was born prematurely and needed a liver and
bowel transplant, and
possibly a stomach and pancreas transplant as well. Deiter passed away at the age
of six months while still on the transplant waiting list. These are the same four organs
that our friend Sarah received when she was six months old, and that was over
nine years ago. While Sarah was in the hospital in London for one of
her many surgeries, her mom Cindy met Deiter’s parents (Stacy and John) and became
friends, and we met them through Cindy. Stacy and John started running this
golf tournament and silent
auction to raise money and awareness for organ donation, and I am proud to be
part of it. I’ve signed my organ donation
card — have you?

I played with my friends Steve, Jeff, and Doug, and we finished the day
with a 2 under par 69. I got to use my new
, and actually
hit it pretty well a couple of times. One of those times, I hit
it too far, and we used Steve’s drive (it’s a best-ball tournament)
because it was further back and gave us a better shot at the green. (Of course,
he used a 5-iron, and I only outdrove him with my big-ass driver by about 30
yards, but still.) The winning team shot 10 under, so we didn’t come close to
winning (not that we expected to), but we had fun.

Didn’t buy anything at the auction this year. I bid on a few items (Tiger-Cat
tickets, some outdoor speakers for my dad, and I can’t remember what else), but
was outbid on all of them. Not true – I actually bid on and won a little green
ribbon (for organ donation) charm for Gail, but found out later that she
already had one. Silly mistake, but not very expensive ($10), and Gail said it
was a very sweet thing to do, so it won me some husband points. Gail
got a couple of crafty things, and the boys each got some toys. I bid on and won a
putter last year, but I haven’t touched it since, since I like the putter I
have. I should have called Stacy and donated it back so they could auction it off
again this year, but I didn’t think about it until a day or two before the
tournament. I’ll probably donate it to the school silent auction in February.

Coincidence of the week: At last year’s tournament, I bought one of those
bracelets that everyone is wearing (like the Livestrong ones). This one was green
and said “Donate Life”. I didn’t wear it much during the winter, but other than
that, I’ve worn it almost every day since. I wore it again at the golf tournament,
and then when taking it off yesterday, the day after this year’s
tournament, it broke.

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The Figster and Runnin’ for the Cure

Had a bit of a scary day on Friday. I went to the dentist in the morning and when I came back, my cat Figaro was sitting on the kitchen chair, looking at me. I noticed that his ears and nose seemed a little yellow, instead of the usual pink. Upon closer inspection, I found that they were quite yellow, as were his nose, lips, and the whites of his eyes. Gail and I had noticed the day before that he hadn’t been himself for a day or two. I immediately called the vet and brought him in. She examined him and told me that he had liver disease. She said that most of the time, this is caused by cats simply not eating. After a while, their body starts to process their body fat, and sometimes the liver gets overwhelmed and shuts down. Then this causes nausea, which makes the cat even less likely to eat, so the whole thing spirals. He’s lost a pound (i.e. 10% of his body weight) since his last checkup a month ago (at which time he seemed in perfect health). She told me that they’d have to keep him there for the weekend.

The type of liver disease that she thinks he has is very treatable – as long as he starts eating again, his liver will start to regenerate itself, and he’ll be fine. They started him on anti-nausea medication, and managed to get him to eat something, though he threw everything up Friday night. We went to see him Saturday morning, and he did seem a little less yellow, and a little less lethargic as well. We tried to go again Saturday afternoon, but they were just starting a procedure on a dog, so we couldn’t go through to where Figgy was, and they were about to close. The doctor called me a little while later, saying that he hadn’t thrown up all day, and was eating some more, and was even more bright than the morning, so this is good news. We heard nothing today (vet’s office was closed)- she’s going to call with an update tomorrow, and hopefully he can come home.

Figgy’s been with Gail and I almost as long as we’ve been together — we started dating in February of 1992, and we found Fig (he was a stray) in November of ’92. I know that he’s not going to live forever, and I know that at 14, he’s already lived longer than most house cats. If anything were to happen, Nicholas is too young to understand, and likely won’t remember Fig for long, but Ryan seemed genuinely upset on Saturday, and said a number of times that he hopes Figgy gets better. Gail would be devastated, and I’m not sure I’d be much better. C’mon, Figster, you can beat this.

On another topic, we all walked in the CIBC Run for the Cure this morning. It’s a 5k run/walk to raise money for breast cancer research. My mother and Gail’s mother are both breast cancer survivors, as was Gail’s late grandmother, so this is a cause that’s important to us. We raised $325 ourselves, and the event, held at over 40 different locations across Canada, raised over $21 million. Last year, the four of us plus my parents walked the 2k leg, but we decided to walk the full 5k this year. We knew the boys wouldn’t walk the full 5k, so we brought the wagon — good thing too, since they both stayed in the wagon the entire walk. Gail and I split pulling the wagon, so we each walked 5k, 2 1/2 of which was pulling a wagon holding 80 pounds of Perrow kids.

Deiter’s Love Golf Tournament

I played in the Deiter’s Love Golf Tournament this past weekend – this is the one that I’m doing the web site for. There were well over 100 golfers, so it was by far the largest tournament I’ve been in. I was in a group with my friends Jeff, Steve, and Doug, all of whom are better golfers than I am – though Jeff hasn’t golfed much in the past few years, so his game has dropped off a little. I couldn’t hit anything off the tee most of the day, but my short game and putting were pretty good. I did come within about an inch of a natural birdie on a par 4 — we used my tee shot, then my chip pitch onto the green (I learned the difference between a chip and a pitch as well), and then I almost sank the birdie putt. Luckily, someone else sank the putt, and we birdie’d the hole. We played pretty well overall – no bogies at all, and four birdies, so we ended up 4 under, which was good enough for 5th overall. Note that this is the 5th best score overall – there were at least 4 teams with lower scores than us. Could be that 5 teams tied at 5 under, putting us 9th, not 5th.

After the tournament, there was a dinner and a silent auction of hundreds of items ranging from toys to gift baskets, golf equipment to crafty things. There was even a big bag of dog food and a can of ceiling paint. My friend Wendy got the ceiling paint – doesn’t seem that exciting, but she paid less than half of what she would have at a store. Hey, if you need it anyway, may as well.

I bought a couple of things at the auction – a putter and dozen golf balls for about $55 (the golf balls are normally about $25, so I got a pretty nice putter for $30), and a picnic set, which consists of a big cooler bag, and another bag (that attaches to the first one) containing plastic plates, cups, cutlery, a little cutting board and bread knife, and some other stuff. Not bad for about $50.

I’m not really sure why I decided to bid on the putter – maybe just because I golf left-handed, and it was a lefty putter. The thing is, I already have a pretty good putter, which I’m perfectly happy with (used it to sink a long nasty putt on our last hole, thankyouverymuch). I’m probably done golfing for this year, so I’ll have to wait until next spring to figure out which putter to use.

Win some, lose some

I’ve abandoned my web site – the one for my Wednesday night baseball league. The convener wouldn’t give me updated rosters or game results, so the site is hopelessly out of date, and almost nobody in the league was looking at it, so I dumped it.

Then this week, I offered to build a new web site for my friends Stacy and John, who are running a golf tournament in memory of their son Deiter, who died at the age of six months while waiting for a bowel and liver transplant. This is almost the same transplant as our friend Sarah had when she was six months old. Sarah is now a happy and healthy eight-year-old, who’s in the Guiness Book of Records, as the youngest ever multi-organ transplant recipient. Anyway, I’m playing in the golf tournament in September, and I suggested to Stacy that I could create a web site for the tournament. She said that they already have one, but it’s out-of-date, and she would be happy to let me build a new one. I’ve already done a prototype site that looks very similar to the old site, and Stacy’s going to get me some pictures of Deiter to put up, and possibly some pictures from previous tournaments (this is the third one, I think).

Important note: If you haven’t signed your organ donor card, please make sure you do! There’s absolutely no downside, and you could save more than one life.