Win some, lose some

I’ve abandoned my web site – the one for my Wednesday night baseball league. The convener wouldn’t give me updated rosters or game results, so the site is hopelessly out of date, and almost nobody in the league was looking at it, so I dumped it.

Then this week, I offered to build a new web site for my friends Stacy and John, who are running a golf tournament in memory of their son Deiter, who died at the age of six months while waiting for a bowel and liver transplant. This is almost the same transplant as our friend Sarah had when she was six months old. Sarah is now a happy and healthy eight-year-old, who’s in the Guiness Book of Records, as the youngest ever multi-organ transplant recipient. Anyway, I’m playing in the golf tournament in September, and I suggested to Stacy that I could create a web site for the tournament. She said that they already have one, but it’s out-of-date, and she would be happy to let me build a new one. I’ve already done a prototype site that looks very similar to the old site, and Stacy’s going to get me some pictures of Deiter to put up, and possibly some pictures from previous tournaments (this is the third one, I think).

Important note: If you haven’t signed your organ donor card, please make sure you do! There’s absolutely no downside, and you could save more than one life.


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