A Special Day

Today is a special day for two reasons: First, it’s Ryan’s 6th birthday today, and second, it’s the first day of school. Ryan started Grade One this morning, though wasn’t sure how he felt about it. I guess Adam told him on the weekend that there’s no playing in grade one (though Adam is himself starting grade one, so maybe Liam told him). We tried to assure him that there was indeed playing in grade one, though perhaps not as much, or maybe a different kind of playing than in SK. We went to see his classroom when we dropped him off this morning, and his teacher happened to be there, so Ryan confirmed with her that they do get play time. After that, and after seeing his SK friends in the YMCA before-school program, he was fine.

Jeff had his annual golf tournament this past weekend, and Gail and I both played in it. There were only 16 golfers playing – I’m sure Jeff’s had a lot more in previous years. Our team included Steve and Laura, both of whom golf a lot more than Gail or I do. Gail only golfs once a year, but she had her worst day ever – she was hitting the ball a lot better at the driving range than on the course. Steve reassured her that everybody hits better at the driving range than on the course. She did rebound on one hole though, and almost got herself a natural par. We used her drive and her chip, and then she left her putt maybe one inch short of the hole. I had a pretty good day – and even got my first-ever birdie. Our team did pretty well – we shot 1-over for the day, placing us second, Steve won the men’s closest to the pin award, and Laura won the women’s longest drive award.


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