NLL Awards

Colin Doyle was named league MVP this year (actually, “Hummer Most Valuable Player”). I would have voted for Josh Sanderson, myself, but I can’t say that Doyle is a bad choice, seeing as how he led the league in scoring. Amazingly, Doyle is the first person not named Gait or Tavares to lead the league in scoring since 1990. Unbelievable.

Steve Dietrich was named goalie of the year (“Acquis Goaltender of the Year”) – another good choice, though I think I would have voted for Whipper.

This Saturday is the “2005 Edge NLL Championship Game”. What’s up with all these corporate sponsors? Part of me doesn’t like the sell-out idea, but mostly, it’s probably a good thing for the league. Brings in money, and more sponsors means more advertising, and more advertising means more potential fans, and more potential fans means a better league.

What’s next? The Toronto “Q107 Toronto’s Best” Rock?


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