Check out my auctions!

I officially became an eBay seller last week. I’ve got a stack of old CDs that I never listen to anymore, so I figured I’d try to sell them on eBay. I’ll probably also sell the Montreal Express jersey that I bought a few weeks ago, which ended up being too small.

I started off small – just listing one CD, and I’ll wait until it sells and gets shipped and everything before I do any more, in case I learn any tips from that one. I chose Robbie Robertson’s Storyville CD, and I’ve already got one bid (of $1). This isn’t a huge money-making venture, but it’s kind of fun. However, I did see that one of the other CDs I chose to sell (Salty Dog’s Every Dog Has Its Day) seems to be out of print, and rather rare, so that might be cool.

Search for auctions by eBay ID ‘scotch_pie’, and contribute to my “New (Larger) Montreal Express Jersey” fund!


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