My stelcoball.com site was hacked again the other day. A few weeks ago, someone at Gail’s work (who plays on my team) went to the web site and got a virus warning, so he told Gail about it. I went to the site myself and got no warnings, but I did notice a very small box on the screen. I downloaded the index.php file and found that someone had added one line of php code to that page – adding a 0-byte width 0-byte height iframe. (This line also had a misspelled option – “frameboarder=0”, which is probably the reason that I saw the box in the first place.) I don’t know why I never got any virus warnings, but I removed that line and re-uploaded the file. Well, when I logged on again after tonight’s game, I noticed a little box on the screen again. Once again, I downloaded index.php, removed the line, and uploaded it again. I’ll have to keep checking that.

I really should contact my ISP, considering the same thing happened to my nllpool.com site a few months ago, as well as perrow.ca. Jeff told me about virus warnings he was getting on nllpool.com, and I saw the same little box on the main page of perrow.ca another time.


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