We had to have Figgy put down this afternoon. He seemed to be getting better for a while, and then worse. His vet’s appointment yesterday morning showed that his liver enzyme numbers were elevated again — not as bad as the first appointment, but still 4-5 times higher than they should be. They gave him an ultrasound yesterday afternoon, where they found cancer in the lining of his liver. Perhaps he had fatty liver disease as previously thought and perhaps not, but either way, the cancer was there too, and so there was nothing that could be done.

Obviously this was a very difficult decision to make, but at the same time, it was a very easy decision. At best, Fig’s uncomfortable and unhappy, and at worst, already suffering in pain. Either way, the suffering would get worse, and there is no chance of recovery, so ending the suffering was the only choice we had. Anything else would be prolonging his pain.

The weird thing is that once we found out about the cancer, and brought him home for the night, he acted differently, almost back to normal. He even ate some dry food this morning, which he hasn’t eaten in 2 weeks. He slept beside Gail last night, and purred when we pet him, and didn’t try to hide under or behind things. It’s almost as if he understood what was happening and had accepted it.

Sleep well, Figgy. You will be greatly missed.


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