Viva Las Vegas!

Gail and I are back from our 5-day trip to Las Vegas, celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary. I never really had any interest in going to Vegas, since I don’t gamble, but Jeff and Kerri went last year, and had a ball, and after they told us all the cool things they did, we decided to check it out as well. It was well worth it.

We stayed at The Mirage, with a great view of the Strip (well, we started off on the 4th floor, with a great view of the roof of the parking lot, but we asked to be moved to a room with a better view, and the next morning, we were given a room on the 21st floor. Much better). We saw a celebrity-impersonator show called Legends in Concert (very good), a typical Las Vegas revue-type show called Jubilee (not so good), and “O” by Cirque du Soleil, which was amazing. Jubilee was topless, which was a first for both of us, and was quite disappointing. The dancers were all lovely and great performers and everything, but the fact that they were topless certainly didn’t add anything to the show – it made Gail uncomfortable, and I have to say, didn’t do much for me either. The weird thing was that some of the dancers were topless while others weren’t. One of the words used to describe the show was “sexy”, but I didn’t find it sexy at all — seems like a paradox, but I think it would have been sexier had all of the dancers been covered up.

The size and scope of things (note that I’m no longer talking about the topless show :-) ) along the Strip was just unbelievable. Caesar’s Palace is FOUR separate buildings, at least two of which look like they’re 20+ floors, and takes up a full city block, and it’s not the biggest hotel there — that would be the MGM Grand. It seems weird that you can forget about places like the Flamingo, Imperial Palace, Monte Carlo, Aladdin, and Harrah’s, all of which are multi-hundred-million dollar hotels with over 1000 rooms and numerous restaurants and casinos and shows, and would be the largest hotel in just about any city in the world — but along the Strip, they pale in comparison with the MGM Grand, Mirage, Caesar’s, New York New York, Venetian, and Bellagio.

Anyway, I could sit here all day and compose pages and pages of stuff about our trip, but I think I’ll break it up into smaller entries. For now, suffice it to say that we had a great time. We took something like 12 rolls of film and an hour of video – once we get the rolls developed (Gail still refuses to be dragged kicking and screaming into the world of digital photography), I’ll scan a bunch of them and add a Las Vegas page to our web site.


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