The Great Debate

Read an interesting article on the Dilbert blog today, regarding the whole Intelligent Design vs. Evolution debate. The article itself was mildly interesting, but the comments are the cool part. Everything from atheists like myself who believe in evolution to religious extremists who believe that people and dinosaurs existed at the same time, and everything in between, including God-fearing scientists who believe a bit of both.

I find these kind of debates interesting. I get a kick out of some (not all) of the creationist points of view that end up reducing to “God must exist because it says so in the Bible. The Bible must be true because it was written by God.” This is the quintessential example of circular logic. Maybe God exists and maybe not, but you can’t assume the existence of God in order to prove the existence of God. You just can’t.

I once saw a bumper sticker that I found intriguing – “Spiritual people enlighten me. Religious people frighten me.” I’m not anti-religion, despite my atheism. I have friends of many different religions, and I don’t think any of them are delusional or stupid. If you feel that religion gives your life purpose or meaning, or you just find it fun, then as Bob McCown might say, giddy-up. Go to town. Have a ball. Just don’t try to push your beliefs on me, and we’re good.


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