When hot ain’t so hot

I got one of those HotWash things for Christmas – you know, the thing from Canadian Tire that you hook into your windshield washer system and it heats up the fluid before it gets squirted onto your windshield. Supposed to clean it better, and melt ice and snow faster, and get rid of bugs better in the summer, all that good stuff.

Well, it’s supposed to be easy to install, but I’m no mechanic (anything requiring more skill than changing the air filter is beyond my capabilities), so I brought it into the Canadian Tire in Burlington to get installed. The installation cost me $45, so big whoop. So then we have the warmest January ever, and I never get to try it on ice and snow. Just to make sure it works, I wash the windshield and feel the fluid temperature. Cold.

So I take it into Canadian Tire in Waterloo (near work), and tell them it doesn’t work. They fix it, then I come home and try it again. Cold. (Stupidly, I decided to wait until I’m home before trying it again, instead of trying it in the CT parking lot.)

I took it back in again this morning, and they told me that the fluid is only heated to about 70°F, so it’s not going to be super-hot, and that the unit is indeed working. So I check the manual and it says “…allowing the windshield washer fluid to be heated to 60°C (90°F).” Well, first off, 60°C is not 90°F, it’s actually 140°F. Secondly, if the thing only heats the fluid up to 70°F, then both numbers in the manual are wrong anyway. Good to see Canadian Tire’s quality control department is working overtime.


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