Cool names

I found out today that one of the people I work with has the middle name “Quiet”, which I’ve never heard of as a name before. I asked her where the name came from and she said simply ” child of the sixties.” I also work with someone whose first name is Dove, which is also kind of neat.

The name “Graeme” is not nearly as uncommon in Britain as it is here. I know that because when I’m over there, I only have to spell my name once – to them, it’s just another one of the spellings. Over here, I have to spell it slowly, and usually twice. I’m sure people have just assumed my parents were drunk when they filled out the birth certificate form. I’ve even had people ask me “Are you sure?” when I spell my name. Yes, I usually get it right. In high school, there were three of us in the same year – one Graeme, one Graham, and one Grahame. One year in math class, we all sat in the same corner of the room, which cause the teacher no end of confusion, but was fun for us.

When I was at Western, I knew a guy whose first name was “A” (he went by his middle name, Warren) — his brother’s first name was “B”. Them some mean parents.

There was a Judy Garland at my high school, and my sister knew a guy named Todd Sweeney. A friend of mine whose last name is White swore he was going to call his daughter Vanna. Luckily, he had 2 sons.

Gail’s stepmother’s name is Jackie, short for Jacqueline. Her first husband’s surname was Smith, making her Jacqueline Smith.

Update: Fixed link.


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