A few weeks ago, Ryan found a coupon on a box of Rice Krispies for a free Tengamo toy. And not just any Tengamo — a Tengamo six-pack! I had no idea what it was, and I don’t think he did either, but he figured it was a toy and it’s free, so how can anything be better than that? He insisted we cut the coupon out and save it. So we cut it out, and stuck it on the fridge. At least once or twice a week since, Ryan has asked when we’re going to go and get our free “Ten-can-gamo”. (I have no idea where the extra “can” syllable came from, but that’s what he and Nicholas have been calling it.)

Yesterday, we went to Wal-Mart to get the boys some new shoes, so we grabbed the coupon and told them we’d pick up their free toy. Naturally, they got all excited. When we got to the toy section, we started looking for Tengamo stuff, and when we found it, Gail and I had a good laugh. This toy, for which the boys had been waiting patiently for several weeks, cost all of $0.97. We decided that having only one would cause more problems than not having it at all, so we splurged and bought a second one for Nicholas. Then we got to the counter, and there was a problem with the coupon, so the cashier had to call the supervisor over, and everyone in our line had to wait for several minutes while they figured out how to enter the coupon. All this for a coupon that didn’t even save us enough to buy a large tea at Tim Hortons, and gets our kids a toy that will make it into the junk drawer within a few days and will probably never been played with again.


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