A story about each of my kids


Ryan made a Father’s Day card for me at school this week, and presented it to me today. It’s got a drawing of me wearing a Toronto Rock jersey, and there’s a little survey inside called “Meet My Father”. Here are the questions and answers:

  • My father’s name is Grame
  • His eyes are green
  • His hair is black
  • He is 38 years old
  • My favourite food that my father makes is Kraft dinner
  • My father works hard at mowing the lawn
  • I like it when Dad and I play baseball
  • I love my father because he loves me

Well, my name is spelled wrong, I’m 36, and my hair is brown, but apart from that, the rest are right. Especially the last one.


This evening, about 20 minutes after I put Nicholas to bed, he came downstairs to tell me that he thought there was a bear in his room. He’s never been afraid of bears before, so I think this came from the movie Over the Hedge, which we saw last weekend, and which featured a large scary bear, voiced by the large scary Nick Nolte. Anyway, I took him back upstairs and told him that there were no bears in there. I told him “Mommy and I don’t allow bears in the house. If one comes to the door, we tell him to go back to the forest where he’s supposed to live, and he goes away.” Nicky, who incidentally just turned four, continued along those lines — for a second. He said “If a bear is in my room, I’ll tell him ‘Go away bear, go back to the forest’. Then I’ll whack him in the nuts.”

I doubt he even knows what “nuts” refers to. I’m sure he got it from Ryan, who may or may not know what it means himself, and probably got it from some older kid at school.


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