More on male oppression

John came by my office (“I’d comment, but that would require work”) and mentioned that in Canadian divorce law, the mother will almost always be given custody of children unless (a) she is deemed an unfit mother, and (b) the father is considered “adequate”. If both parents are considered adequate, then the woman will always win. A woman who doesn’t give a rat’s ass about her kids, but doesn’t actively abuse them, will win custody over the most doting and caring of fathers. Basically, in the eyes of the courts, any woman who is not shooting up heroin and turning tricks in front of her kids must be a better parent than any man could possibly be. If anyone can give me an explanation of this one, I’d looooove to hear it.

I remember hearing a few years ago that the average man is only slightly less likely to die of prostate cancer than the average woman is to die of breast cancer. However, breast cancer research gets ten times the amount of federal funding (this was an American quote) that prostate cancer research does. Now, that was from Rush Limbaugh, so who knows how accurate it was, but still…

Well, my build is done now, so back to work…


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