Great lacrosse article in Tacoma paper

Here is a great article in the Tacoma News Tribune about the possibility of the NLL expanding to the Seattle/Tacoma area. The reporter admits that he knows zilch about lacrosse, but has obviously done research on the game and the league, and realistically evaluates whether this could be a good thing for the city. In previous years, when the NLL is considering expanding to a city, I’ve seen articles in that city’s newspapers written by people who also know nothing about lacrosse, but who are less open to the possibility. Some sports writers seem to think “How can a sport be any good when I don’t know anything about it?” Many times, I’ve seen similar articles that seem to be a long version of “Lacrosse? What’s that?”. Nice to see a reporter doing some real reporting for a change, and not just dismissing an idea out of hand because it’s something they’re unfamiliar with. Kudos to Mr. John McGrath.

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