True love is the greatest
thing in the world — except for a nice MLT,
mutton, lettuce and tomato, where the mutton is nice and lean and the tomato
is ripe — they’re so perky, I love that.

Miracle Max, The Princess Bride

We had pancakes and peameal bacon for dinner the other day, and had a few
pieces of peameal left over. When making my lunch this morning, I
put the peameal in a ziplock and made myself two sandwiches with tomato, lettuce,
and mayonnaise. At lunch time, I planned on nuking the peameal to warm it up,
then putting it on the sandwiches. All morning, I found myself looking
forward to lunch time. I just finished my lunch, and I must say, I was not

I think I’ll change the tagline for this blog to something like:
“Cut the Chatter — a blog that touches on the important issues of the
. Or maybe that should be “important issues of my day.”


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