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True love is the greatest
thing in the world — except for a nice MLT,
mutton, lettuce and tomato, where the mutton is nice and lean and the tomato
is ripe — they’re so perky, I love that.

Miracle Max, The Princess Bride

We had pancakes and peameal bacon for dinner the other day, and had a few
pieces of peameal left over. When making my lunch this morning, I
put the peameal in a ziplock and made myself two sandwiches with tomato, lettuce,
and mayonnaise. At lunch time, I planned on nuking the peameal to warm it up,
then putting it on the sandwiches. All morning, I found myself looking
forward to lunch time. I just finished my lunch, and I must say, I was not

I think I’ll change the tagline for this blog to something like:
“Cut the Chatter — a blog that touches on the important issues of the
. Or maybe that should be “important issues of my day.”


The Great Gilligan Conspiracy

If you thought Gilligan’s Island was just a silly comedy show, think again. The truth has finally been revealed — it was really a crime drama.

It makes you wonder about other shows as well; the most obvious one being: why did so many murders happen whenever Jessica Fletcher was around on Murder, She Wrote? She lives in a quiet little Maine town — which has a murder rate of one a week. She goes to visit friends in another town, someone dies. She goes on vacation, someone dies. Mystery writer or serial killer? You decide.

Thanks to cahwyguy for the Gilligan’s Island link.