Leafs looking for a coach? Why not a GM first?

According to this article, the Leafs have begun contacting candidates for the vacant head coach position. Now, they also have a vacant GM position and normally, you’d fill the GM position and let him pick his own coach, but they haven’t named a GM. It’s possible that they are close to hiring the GM but just haven’t announced it yet, but in that case, it wouldn’t be Fletcher doing the search for the coach, it would be the new GM.

This only makes sense to me if they have decided that they will not have a new GM chosen before the start of next season. Fletcher can continue as interim GM until then, but they still need a coach. It seems unlikely that they will hire a new GM midway through the season, so Fletcher may continue as the interim GM for a year (though he’s already said he wouldn’t be here that long), and then next off-season they will hire a full-time GM. Hey, whaddaya know, Brian Burke is only under contract with the Ducks for one more year!

I don’t know why the Toronto media is portraying Burke like the saviour of the Leafs. It’s not like he put the Stanley Cup-winning Ducks together, that was mostly Bryan Murray’s doing. Other than the one season with the Ducks, he’s never seen the Cup finals as a GM.

Bottom line: I don’t know what the hell the Leafs are doing. What else is new.


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