Apparently, I Rock

Someone at work brought in an XBox the other day, and we played Guitar Hero II at lunch time. I had heard a lot about this game, but had never played it. It’s kind of like Dance Dance Revolution, except that instead of stepping on a particular part of the floor pad, you hit buttons on a “guitar”. Holy crap, was that a lot of fun. I did three songs: You Really Got Me (Van Halen’s version), Message in a Bottle by the Police, and finished off with a tougher one, Iron Maiden’s The Trooper. After every song, it came up and said “You Rock!”, though I’m not sure if that’s a rating of my performance, or just what it says when you’re done. A couple of people were watching, and they said I did really well — I hit over 90% of the notes on all three songs, got 100% in numerous passages (though I only did about 75% during the solo in The Trooper), hit 160 notes in a row in Message, and ended up with over 100,000 points in The Trooper, which, apparently, is very good.

I don’t have an XBox, and I doubt I’ll buy one just for this, but if this game comes out for the Wii, I’m there.


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