Dump and chase

Why oh why do they do this? Why do the Leafs (and probably other teams too) dump the puck into the offensive zone, and then chase after it? If they’ve got possession, why wouldn’t they keep possession, rather than voluntarily give it up and then try to fight to get it back? I just watched the last five minutes of the Leafs-Senators game, and the Leafs, despite being a goal down and desperate to score, kept doing this. I don’t get it. They pulled their goalie, so they’re up 6-on-5. A defenceman races forward with the puck, his forwards are waiting at the blue line, but instead of crossing the blue line with the forwards right behind him and trying to make a play, he dumps it into the corner from the neutral zone, then everyone skates in to try and get it back from the Ottawa defenders. This almost always failed, and the Sens dumped the puck back out. This was repeated a number of times before time ran out and the Sens won the game.

Maybe it’s because I’ve watched a lot more lacrosse than hockey in the past few years, and possession in lacrosse is everything. In hockey, it’s easier to dump the puck in and try to get it back, whereas in lacrosse you don’t give up possession for anything. But I still don’t get it.


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