New Leafs Strategy

I’ve got a great idea for the Leafs, but since today is the trade deadline, they’ll have to do it fast. The Leafs want to trade a bunch of their big-name players as part of rebuilding, right? (Let’s ignore for the moment the fact that all of these big-name players have no-trade clauses and have all decided not to waive them.) My idea is that the Leafs should look at who’s behind them in the standings, and trade their big-name players to those teams for nothing. Send Darcy Tucker to the Kings for a third round draft pick. Send Tomas Kaberle to Tampa Bay for some minor league schmuck who isn’t likely to make the big club anyway. Send McCabe and his big contract plus $15 million (to cover the contract) to Atlanta for a bucket of pucks.

Using this strategy, the Leafs gain lots of salary cap room, these other teams get good players for next to nothing, and by making the teams worse than them better, the Leafs have a better shot at finishing last next year and picking up John Tavares in the draft! Everybody wins!


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