First Round Picks

I went 11-for-15 in my NHL playoff picks last season, so let’s see if I can match that record this year:

  • Montreal over Boston
  • Pittsburgh over Ottawa — The Sens started off a very hot 25-9-4 — on a pace for an amazing 119 points over a whole season. Since January 1st, however, they have been a very mediocre 18-22-4 — on a pace for 76 points, which would have put them second last in the conference. Unless something sparks an incredible comeback, I think they’ll ride that wave right out of the playoffs, probably in no more than 5 games.
  • Washington over Philadelphia — I’m starting to agree with those who say Ovechkin is the best player in the NHL.
  • New York Rangers over New Jersey
  • Detroit over Nashville
  • San Jose over Calgary
  • Colorado over Minnesota — this was a tough one. The teams’ records are identical (44 wins, 38 losses) except that Minnesota stretched three of their losses out to overtime, so they got three extra points. Giving a point for a loss, even an overtime loss, is silly.
  • Anaheim over Dallas

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